person-AIz the world's first AIDIO product enabling smarter listening

AIDIO - a fusion of AI and audio

AIDIO, innovation that seamlessly integrates AI with sound. AIDIO is not just about hearing, it is about smarter listening - where every interaction is enhanced, every conversation is clearer, and every moment is tailored to your auditory needs.

With AIDIO, you are not just keeping up; you are leading the way in a world where listening is as intelligent as it is intuitive.

Introducing smarter listening:
Your sound - tailored to perfection

Dive into the new era of auditory experience with smarter listening. Our cutting-edge technology immerses you in audio tailored just for you.

From amplifying dialogues in a bustling cafe to creating the serene soundscape of your personal retreat, smarter listening adapts to your hearing preferences and environmental needs.

It is not just smart. It is intuitive. It is your sound, refined and delivered in high definition.

Become a smarter listener

Embrace your unique sound profile with the smarter listener experience. Our personalized audio ecosystem is designed to learn and adjust to your specific listening habits.

Experience sound in its most exquisite form, molded to your life and your preferences.

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Your control center

Personalize your experience with our iOS and Android-friendly app.

Take control of your audio experience

Become a smarter listener

Tailor your interaction with the world

Powerband: Unleash superior sound all day long

Discover the powerband, the core of our AIDIO tech that redefines wireless audio. We have equipped the powerband with high-capacity batteries and potent processors that deliver non-stop, superior sound all day long.

Within its sleek form lies the heart of our innovation: larger speakers for deeper bass and richer melodies, multiple microphones for unparalleled call clarity, and tactile buttons for effortless control, even with gloves on.

The powerband is an enhancement to your daily soundscape, ensuring unmatched audio fidelity without the compromise of constant recharging.

About person-AIz

Join the world where sound meets innovation at person-AIz, the Norwegian tech start-up where artificial intelligence becomes the heartbeat of your audio experience. Founded in 2014, our ambition has been to enhance the way the world listens with the power of AI.

After years of relentless innovation, 2023 marks the launch of person-AIz earbuds, our labor of love and technology. We have perfected our craft, ensuring that we created a trailblazer in the new AIDIO product category. Our commitment to quality and innovation is deeply ingrained in every aspect of our earbuds.

person-AIz are not just earbuds; they are the leaders of the AIDIO movement - a sonic breakthrough that is preparing to take the global stage. We envision a world where our technology sets the new standard for audio. With person-AIz, we are transforming how we connect with the world around you.

Embrace the clarity, the connection, the ability to hear and be heard like never before - the era of smarter listening. Welcome to person-AIz.

Join the AIDIO movement

Transform your world with person-AIz earbuds

person-AIz earbuds are smarter and gives you a more connected listening experience. Our AI-driven design ensures each note is felt, understood, and tailored just for you. From the powerband's enduring energy to the earbuds' exquisite sound, we have engineered an auditory revolution.

Get your person-AIz earbuds and start listening smarter.